Phil Innes is a composer living in Cornwall. He makes music for concerts, theatre, film and dance. He is also a music educator. Inspired equally by the rock music of his formative years (Radiohead, PJ Harvey, Flaming Lips, Pink Floyd, Sigur Rós), avant-garde classical (Morton Feldman, György Ligeti) and minimalism and post-minimalism (Steve Reich, John Adams), Phil’s music is often characterised by a struggle between chaos and beauty regardless of the sonic world he is inhabiting.

Phil began his musical life by playing electric guitar in rock bands but his natural curiosity and desire to experiment led him to more and more diverse musical projects. Phil’s versatility and eclecticism made him a natural musical partner to makers of theatre and film and over the last 20 years this has been one of his principal areas of work. His credits include, Hall for Cornwall, Effervescent, Miracle, Kneehigh, Collective Arts, O-region, C-Scape, The Ordinalia Company, Tangle, Light Theatre, Seabright Productions and Potted Productions.

Now we see Phil moving in to an exciting new phase in his career as he concentrates on concert music, video and sound installations, and music for dance. Phil continues to be a keen collaborator and is always interested in making music that can be placed in a wider cultural context. His latest work “INFACT”, a sound and dance video installation is a good example of his interdisciplinary work.

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